Architectural Tin Ceilings

tin ceiling at the Pink Rose Pastry Shop in Queens Village in Philadelphia From Nates Girl on Flicker Architectural Tin Ceilings

(Tin Ceiling -Pink Rose Pastry Shop in Queen's Village in Philadelphia From Nates Girl on Flicker)

Ceilings are often ignored as a decorating option.  It was common in ancient times that ceiling were painted a color.  It was only until recent that white was the most common choice.  Ceiling tile is an attractive way to conceal pipes, wires and sloppy ceilings.  Ceiling tiles come in various styles and textures including antique tile and tiles that are manufactured to look vintage.

Faux tin ceiling tile comes in a large variety of colors and patterns and can simulate antique tin.   Antique Tin can be costly, as well as hard to find in the quantity you are needing to tile a ceiling.  The Faux Tin tile is lightweight and often is quite easy to install as it often has a tongue and groove design for easy placement.

Styrofoam Ceiling Tile is another consideration as the cost is quite affordable.  It also serves as a good source for insulation. Styrofoam tile is also lightweight and easy to work with.

If you plan on purchasing the antique tin tile, be sure to measure out your ceiling before you purchase so you don't run out of material half way through the job.

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